Deck, Roof and Wall Coatings

CoverTec has an in-depth knowledge of roof and wall waterproofing issues. Over the years we have developed a core group of waterproof coating solutions that are proven in many tough environments to hold up extremely well to harsh UV and weathering attack

Our Deck/Roof/Wall Coating Products Include:

Roof Tiles and Walls

Roof Waterproofing

CoverCoat 840CP

Elastomeric copolymer liquid rubber waterproof coating.

We offer white “cool roof” coating systems that are UV resistant, single component and approved by Energy Star. These products stand up to continuous immersion and are ideal for Flat roofs with ponded water situations. Our roofing system for coating existing asphalt roofs is very durable yet economic and we offer a 10 year no leak warranties.

Roofing contractors use our copolymer technology products because they are fast drying and have tremendous adhesion to many substrates including PVC, EPDM, TPO, PVC and Hypalon. Repairs are carried out quickly without fear of rain washout before products have time to dry. A big plus for the maintenance contractor. These same coatings can be used for below paver plaza deck waterproofing and secondary containment such as planter boxes and elevator shafts.