Penetrating Water Resistant Sealer
CoverSeal PEN50 – Penetrating Water Resistant Sealer

CoverSeal PEN50 water resistant sealer is a water based penetrating sealer specifically developed to reduce the ingress of salts and water to stone, concrete, brick and masonry substrates. It is highly resistant to driving rain, mold and mildew air borne dirt pick and chemical attack. PEN50 is odorless, UV resistant and VOC compliant. PEN50 stone sealer won’t change the appearance of texture of the substrate and can be applied to horizontal and vertical surfaces.

BEFORE : Porous stone substrate . Mold, Mildew Air-borne Dirt and Smog constantly leaving dirty appearance on building façade

AFTER: Substrate chemically cleaned and then sprayed with PEN50 water resistant sealer which penetrates deep into porous substrate, blocking the capillary action of water.

PEN50 stone sealer will not only provide improved mold and mildew resistance, but it will also prevent dusting, spalling and inhibit efflorescence. Clean-up time and removal of dirt is reduced and simplified since dirt, smog and mold that normally adhere to the concrete are easily removed from the surface.

Technical Support

CoverTec offers training and technical support with all our products. We have experts in the field and in the lab that can offer the highest level of technical service.

Green Product Solutions

CoverTec is committed to green building and LEED certification contributions. We are a member of the US Green Building Council, and have products backed by and range of approvals including Energy Star, USDA and NSF.

CoverSeal PEN50 was developed for treating natural stone, roof tiles, stucco, brick and concrete block pavers. This clear sealer offers very effective protection at a very economic price. PEN50 is manufactured using the latest silane siloxane technology and is especially suited for making porous substrates such as natural stone tiles water repellent. PEN50 is applied in a single coat and penetrates into the substrate, chemically bonding with silica to form a permanent attachment of the water repellent molecule.

PEN50 is clear, penetrating, breathable water repellent and will not change the look of the substrate. Its outstanding water repellent properties allow it to stand up to wind-driven rain, preventing water and waterborne contaminants from entering the substrate. PEN50 prevents algae and mold growth, resists acid rain, protects against freeze–thaw damage and protects against pitting, spalling, crumbling. Surfaces treated with PEN50 are also easy to clean.