CoverClean CT-30 – High performance low odor coating remover

CoverClean CT-30 is a low odor, low VOC, water based coating remover that will effectively lift urethanes, lacquers, latexes, alkyds, elastomerics, and varnish. It is extremely effective in removing tough coatings like urethanes and alkyds from vinyl and ceramic tiles and other types of flooring. CT-30 contains no TAP’s or Hap’s, offers easy cleanup with soap and water or denatured alcohol.

Equipment and Tools

CoverClean CT-30 is engineered to be brushed, rolled or for airless spray application. If using airless spray apparatus, ensure equipment is free of any previously applied products or chemicals or solvents (especially mineral spirits). Clean with denatured alcohol prior to use. Use only airless equipment with chemical resistant packing, such as a Titan 440i or larger pump. Even the smallest airless sprayer is capable of spraying this product. Equip the sprayer with a tip size of 0.019 inches or larger (Example: a 519 or 425 tip.

Dwell Time

The time required for penetration varies according to the type of coating and the temperature. Most coatings require 2 to 24 hours. Leave the stripper overnight for best results. Dwell time and stripper thickness required is best determined by test area.


Apply a thick even layer of CT-30 onto the coating being removed. Roll or brush on. If using a sprayer, always start the sprayer pump at the lowest pressure setting and slowly build up the pressure until an adequate fan pattern has been generated. The minimum wet film thickness should be 10 mils (200 microns). High pressure and narrow tip sizes will break the strippers emulsion and will reduce its effectiveness.

When trying to build up films thicker than 15 mils

(300 microns) it is advisable to build CT-30 film in two separate applications. First apply a light coat of approximately 15 mils (thick enough to hide the surface color of coating) allow it to dwell for about 5-30 minutes and then build the rest of the product film thickness in the second application. Once applied, leave the CT-30 alone, as agitation slows down penetration.


When there are multiple layers of coating, it is quite likely that there is poor intercoat adhesion between some layers. Premature lifting may occur at this interface. If this happens, remove the lifted layers and reapply the CT-30. Do not allow the CT-30 to dry out. The product is designed to remain wet and effective over extended periods of time (up to 48 hours) but excessive sunshine, windy conditions or insufficient product thickness can cause early drying. If the CT-30 starts to dry, reapply a light coating and allow extra time for completion.

Removal and Cleanup

Removal of lifted coating can be completed by scraper, squeegee, or wet/dry vacuum suction system or by pressure wash. If pressure washing, protect all areas that may come in contact with CT-30 and coating residue. Pressure wash from the bottom up on vertical surfaces to prevent rinse water from deactivating stripper in sections below pressure washing removal operations.

The stripped surface must be rinsed with CT GlossGlean in a 2oz – 4oz per gallon dilution or denatured alcohol to remove all chemical residues before repainting. Collect lifted coating and dispose of it in accordance with local government regulations.

Theoretical Coverage

Approximately 125ft²/gallon per coat

The actual cover will vary depending on the thickness of the existing coating.