CoverShield OilStop System consists of a proven 2 Step process to clean, seal and protect oil contaminated surfaces.

OilStop System

Use CoverClean HC microbial cleaner  for petroleum based oils and chemicals.

Use CoverClean FG  microbial cleaner for food based fats oils and grease.

CoverTec Products

Alternatively CoverSeal Pen55 penetrating  sealer  can be used, which penetrates the surface and has no effect on the concrete appearance.

CoverShield OilStop System Features

Developed for cleaning sealing oil contaminated concrete floors in warehouse, workshops and industrial type environments.

Extremely oil and stain resistant

Abrasion resistant and non yellowing.


Odorless, fast drying and can be applied to internal or external concrete, terrazzo and concrete pavers.

Environmentally safe and harmless to humans, pets, and plants.

Qualifies for LEED Credit

Bleed Back Issues?

Our Primer OS is extremely effective against oil “bleed back” in contaminated concrete. Use Primer OS as a protective barrier for new construction or on existing surfaces such as contaminated concrete and change of use projects.