Hard Tile and Grout Sealer System

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The NewTile System is designed to protect and refurbish hard tile floors from discoloration, abrasive wear, chemical attack, mold and bacterial growth. The system consists of two products,GlazeGuard® and CT-Grout Colorant.

GlazeGuard® is a water clear, highly durable, tile and grout sealer that bonds directly to hard surfaces such as ceramic tile, glazed tile, marble tile and porcelain tile. The product has been developed with some unique adhesion technology that allows the coating to bond to hard surfaces and is suitable for horizontal or vertical installations, either interior or exterior.

CT-Grout Colorent is a highly color stable acrylic colorant that penetrates deep into the grout to add a fresh new appearance to existing grout joints. CT-Grout Colorant restores the grout to a like new condition preventing the grout from becoming soiled, discolored or stained in the future.

The NewTile tile and grout sealer system is extremely resistant to abrasion, scratching and marring. The system is impervious to urine and other harsh chemicals, slows the promotion of mold and bacteria and dramatically reduces or eliminates foul odors from hard tile grout joints.

The NewTile system is easy to clean and at the same time maintains a high gloss (satin or matte) finish. Easier cleaning and floor care mean harsh and abrasive chemicals for grout cleaning are eliminated, downtime is dramatically reduced and maintenance staff are freed up to work on other pressing maintenance issues.

The NewTile system is a Green system with a very low odor and VOC’s and is eligible for LEED EQ4.2. The products meet the standards of the US Green Building Council. Ease of maintaining, reduction in cleaning chemicals and the savings in Electricity and Water usage, make this a smart choice for facility owners and managers alike.

The NewTile System is an outstanding non-slip floor coating. Glaze Guard is a High Traction, High Slip Resistance tile and grout sealer, exceeding traditional wax and acrylic finishes (wet or dry) and meeting and exceeding ADA standards. Glaze Guard has been independently tested by the Nation Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) and has a Wet SCOF of > 0.60 for wet walkway surfaces. Simply put, you can lower your slip and fall injury risk and control walkway slip resistance using the NewTile system.