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GlazeGuard Gloss vs Satin vs Matte finish

GlazeGuard is a two component, professional grade highly durable water based sealer with extra adhesion properties.

This lab tested product has been specially developed for sealing Ceramic, Porcelain and Stone tile surfaces. It’s easy to apply to achieve a professional appearance for most commercial and DIY projects. GlazeGuard is environment friendly, UV stable and highly resistant to abrasion and a wide range of chemicals. It keeps the grout easy to clean and hygienic. Available in High Gloss, Satin and Matte Finish.

Superior Adhesion to Porcelain and Ceramic

We use silane technology in our product formulations. This unique nanotechnology allows us to produce surface treatments that bond covalently to the porcelain and ceramic surfaces.  Our sealer has much greater adhesion and increased durability when compared to conventional surface coatings.

Acid Wash Concrete Driveway Sunrise
Wood look Porcelain tile sealed with GlazeGuard Gloss
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GlazeGuard Gloss on "Wood Look" Porcelain tile

This unique technology is the perfect choice to protect commercial or residential Tile and Grout Surface surfaces

Perfect for any kind of Kitchen/Dining Area, Bathrooms/ Restrooms, Lobby, Entrances, Hallways, Floors and Walls, Stairs interior or exterior applications

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GlazeGuard Satin vs Matte Finish
Wetlook Wood Tile Floors
Wetlook Wood Tile Floors
Ceramic Wood Tile Floors
Ceramic Wood Tile Floors


  • Reduces floor care costs
  • Maintains uniform finish Slip resistant
  • Chemical resistant
  • VOC compliant Excellent abrasion resistant
  • Beautifies and protects Makes Tile and Grout easy to clean and hygienic UV stable

Stain Resistant Restores Luster and Color Forms Protective Shield Easy Cleaning



Both the gloss and the satin finish will give you a wetlook.  The gloss is a high gloss finish and the satin is a semi-gloss finish.  Both will bring out the colors of tile.  Note: the grout color will darken too.  To get an idea of how dark, just sprinkle some water on your grout joint.  The GlazeGuard will produce a similar effect, but the grout will stay that dark when the sealer dries

GlazeGuard is a tough clear sealer and very hard wearing. It tends to keep its shine for a long time but it can still be scratched. Especially if you drag sharp objects, like heavy kitchen appliances or point loads like table legs or chair legs.

To spot repair or recoat entire area  it is not necessary to strip the sealer, you just need to sand or scrub the surface clean so it can be top coated.  Sand with 120 grit sand paper or scrub with black pad and GlossGlean neutral cleaner. Clean off the dust or residue and apply a top coat. For more detailed instructions see GlazeGuard Maintenance instructions

GlazeGuard  when  fully cured has a hard surface so dirt does not easily stick to it.  You don’t need to use aggressive cleaners. An part of maintaining your floor is to use dust mop or “swiffer” type microfiber mop to keep sand and dirt off the floor.  After that to wash the floor you can use neutral clean or mild liquid detergents, light vinegar solutions, or light ammonia solutions.

Stay away from solvents like Paint strippers, Acetone and Xylene. If you do have use concentrated cleaners/degreasers.  Clean up residue right away. In general make sure all standard floor cleaners are diluted in accordance with manufactures instructions.  For more information see GlazeGuard Maintenance instructions.

Yes GlazeGuard is a tough water based polyurethane sealer developed  specifically to bond to ceramic and porcelain tile.  Not many sealers can bond (long term) to ceramic or porcelain tile.  However we use propriety adhesion promoters and the latest nano technology to enable GlazeGuard to do this.

We have many customers using GlazeGuard to provide a clear  protective surface to porcelain tile and grout.  It will give the floor a  long last gloss, satin appearance and make the tile and grout much easier to clean .  GlazeGuard should last at least 3 years in high traffic (commercial) application and up to 5 years in a residential application. When it comes time to top coat GlazeGuard you just lightly sand the surface and clean off the dust then reapply a top coat.

No. Typical  grout sealers  are water repellent and not compatible with GlazeGuard. They and will act as a bond breaker. GlazeGuard on its own, will provide a clear protective surface to both the tile and grout. It will give the floor a long lasting wet look appearance and make the tile and grout much easier to clean .


GlazeGuard is fully compatible with most grout colorant (acrylic and epoxy grout color).  Follow grout colorant manufactures instruction regarding dry time. The grout colorant must be dry before sealing over with GlazeGuard

Yes. We typically ship by DHL or UPS outside the USA. Our products are non hazard and ship easily by land or air.  You just have to the shipping cost including any local taxes or duties. If you contact and confirm product quantity and your ship to address, we would be happy to quote.

Yes. You are going to apply a sealer that will last many years.  It is important to make sure that any dirt, foot prints, hair and dust off the floor before you seal with GlazeGuard.

We recommend our CT_50 tile and grout cleaner. This powerful surface cleaner will clean off oil, grease, wax, soap scum, mold, dirt and stains from glaze and unglazed tile, grout, natural stone and concrete surfaces.

For wet areas such as showroom floors, restrooms etc that regularly get wet, we recommend you clean the surface with PreTreat a mild acid based cleaner that will microscopically etch the tile surface and increase the adhesion.

GlazeGuard Satin finish will provide anti slip properties to the floor even when wet. The Gloss and Matte finish have better traction than say regular wax but the surface can still be slippery when wet.  We recommend the addition of CoverGrip to increase the slip resistance of the floor.